Sell Your Vintage Guitar Tips

I’m starting this blog to give you some tips on how to sell your vintage guitar. To start this off I’m going to list some red flags you need to be aware of when contacting potential buyers. Much more to come..

  1. The biggest red flag is that buyer will not share any useful information about your vintage guitar, like when made, type of hardware and other details useful for you to sell your guitar.
  2. Buyer says “Send me your guitar and I’ll examine it”. Run. Yes please send me all your gold and silver too and you pay for all shipping and insurance and I will get back with you…
  3. Buyer say’s “I really don’t care, I have too many guitars”. Very funny, we all have too many guitars and another one will just get in my way!
  4. Buyer slow to respond and when they do, keeps asking nit picky questions to slow the process down. Usually in this case the buyer is trying to presell your guitar.
  5. You will hear this over and over again, “I need to see it to tell you value”. Run. This is nonsense, with the maker, year made, model, condition and a brief history and description of the guitar over the phone any knowledgeable dealer should be able to give you a pretty close estimate of value.
  6. Buyer low on funds and needs you to wait for a several weeks.
  7. The Buyer sounds not well informed about the vintage guitar market and has to ask someone else.