Fender Bass break down 1951 to 1969


1951 Fender Precision Bass

The Precision bass was the first production run solid body bass released by Fender in late 1951.  The bass was equipped with a one piece maple fretted neck and one single coil pickup. The production color was Blonde. There are two bridge saddles, and the strings are loaded through  back of the body. The body is made of Ash. 

1954 – 1955

1954 and 1955 Precision Bass

Contours are added to the front and back of the body in 1954 , the body edges are more rounded. The bridge saddles are changed to steel. A sunbrust two tone color was introduced in 1955 and a white pickguard in mid 1954. The serial number was moved from the bridge to the 4 bolt plate on the back of the body.