Vintage Guitar Identification

Identifying guitars can be a little tricky at times. For a complete ID, you want to find the maker, model, and the year made. For Martin guitars that have a serial number, this is straight forward. Other makers, however, changed the pattern, and even repeated serial numbers. For example, a Gibson made in 1967 may have the exact same serial number as one made in 1963. With over 100 guitar identification books and thousands of photos, we can usually identify a guitar over the phone in just a few minute. Below you can find information that can be helpful in identifying your guitar. In addition, we also have a large guitar gallery  that may be of help.


Gibson Serial Numbers
Gibson Factory Order Numbers
Gibson Acoustic Flattop Model Information
Gibson Electric Archtop Model Information
Gibson Solid Body Electric Model Information
Gibson Les Paul Standard 1952 – 1957 Breakdown
Gibson Headstock Logos in Pictures

Fender Serial Numbers
• Fender Neck and Body Dates
Fender Solid Body Electric Model Information
Fender Telecaster Pickguards
Fender Stratocaster Headstock Logos
Fender Basses 

Gretsch Serial Numbers
Gretsch Electric Model Information
Gretsch Model Numbers and Names
• Tips in Dating a Vintage
Gretsch Model Numbers and Names

Martin Serial Numbers
Martin Model numbers and Sizes

Rickenbacker Serial Numbers
Rickenbacker Model Information