How To Photograph A Guitar

Below are examples of the eight (8) photographs I would like emailed to me. Please include additional photos of damaged or repaired areas. For wider body guitars, like Martins and Gibson flattops, please include one side photo. For Electric Guitars with the input jack on the side, please include a good photo of the input jack area, as well as several inches below and above the jack.


1. Get in a well lit room and make sure camera flash is on.

2. Lay a white sheet or solid back ground cloth on the floor.

3. Place the guitar down on top of the sheet.

4. Stand up over the guitar and angle the shot just slightly so the flash doesn’t create a reflection.

5. Take the seven photos as seen below. Last two shots are for acoustic guitars and 12 string Rickenbackers.  Make sure to take multiple shots of each photo, each time moving around the guitar for best light.

6. Make sure to take your time. Hold the camera as still as possible, as movement will make the photos blurry.

7. Select the best ones and text to 404-580-8057 or email to