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Are you in possession of a vintage guitar that you’re considering selling? As a well known buyer and collector specializing in USA-made vintage guitars from brands like Fender, Gibson, and Martin, I’m here to facilitate the process for you, regardless of your location in the USA. I will alleviate the shipping concerns of owners of fine vintage guitars and will travel to you if necessary. If you’re pondering where to sell your guitar, All Good Vintage Guitars is your ideal destination as vintage guitar shop, and a trusted professional guitar dealer.

To initiate the selling process, simply capture some basic photos of your guitar and click the contact buttons at the top of this page. Provide details about your guitar along with the images. I am dedicated to ensuring you receive a fair and personalized deal, whether through a local meeting or by coordinating professional packing, shipping, and insurance arrangements. If you’re curious about the value of your vintage Gibson or Fender guitar, I’m more than happy to assist with appraisals.

Wondering where to sell vintage guitars? Look no further, as you’ve found an enthusiastic buyer in search of the finest vintage guitars.

If you share my passion for classic, American-made guitars and amplifiers produced until around 1974, I’d love to discuss the possibility of acquiring your vintage piece. I guarantee transparent and respectful transactions. If an in-person meeting isn’t feasible, rest assured that my insurance company facilitates seamless and risk-free shipping plus we pay up front of course and all shipping , packing and insurance.

Curious about selling a guitar near you? Here’s a step-by-step guide for owners of classic Fender, Gibson, or Martin guitars:

Take shots of the entire guitar in its case, the back, the front of the body, and the front of the neck.

Email or text the pictures and provide your contact information. Optionally, include your desired price.

I specialize in vintage collectible guitars, primarily from Gibson, Fender, and Martin. Electrics – Acoustics – Basses – Archtops

After receiving an offer, assess if it aligns with your selling goals. I’m flexible and can travel to you if feasible, or expedite secure shipping options.

Concerned about dating your guitar? I can assist by analyzing pictures, as serial numbers on Gibson and Fender guitars may be misleading. Visit the provided links for guidance on dating your vintage Gibson Les Paul, Fender, or Fender guitar amp.

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Gretsch Serial Numbers
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Martin Serial Numbers
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Rickenbacker Serial Numbers
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All Good Vintage Guitars welcomes your inquiries and items for sale. Connect with me, for prompt assistance reach out here:

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