Vintage Guitar Care

Ten Do and Don’t Tips for Guitar Care

  1.  Wrap and bag loose items in your Guitar case and pad paper towels around and on top of the guitar so it does not move around inside the case and crack.
  2. Do not store your  guitar with a strap on top or bottom of guitar. Straps can cause finish damage to your guitar.
  3. If tuning peg buttons are crumbling or deteriorating, replace the buttons only, keep the original tuners on the guitar.
  4. Do not apply wax to your  Martin guitar until you have done a thorough cleaning. I ask that owners do no cleaning if they are going to sell to me.
  5. Never ship a guitar in the case only, see my website for packing tips here  – How to Pack a Vintage Guitar
  6. Store your  guitar in an area that you would like to be in, not too cold or hot and not too much humidity.
  7. If storing your  Gretsch guitars for long period of time, loosen the strings down at least 1 full step.
  8. Do not use a guitar stand for storing a guitar, store it in its case.
  9. When traveling with your guitar don’t leave it inside a car in cold or hot weather, this might damage your guitar.
  10. Email me your Martin guitar tips and I will add it here