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April 1, 2019>>>>>>>>>>

Pickguards on Vintage Fender Telecasters

The first Pickguards on the Telecaster were one ply black. The earliest ones were a fiber material then later made of bakelite with 5 holes for screws. In Late 1954 the single ply white pickguard was introduced.

The Telecaster Custom was introduced in 1959  and had a  3 ply white/black/white celluloid pickguard with 5 screw holes.

In mid 1959 all the telecaster pickguards have 8 screw holes.

In mid late 1963 all the telecaster models have the 3 ply white/black/white celluloid pickguard, this is dropped after 1964 and replaced with plastic.


March 26, 2019 >>>>>>>>>>

1968 – 1969 Red, Black and Brown Gibson J-45 and B-25

1968 -69  were dark years for Gibson and the Norlin Corporation buy out began. Gibson needed revenue and to use up old parts.  Less than perfect tops used to make the J-45 and B-25 were sprayed a solid color of red or black and a few brown .  A white screwed down pickguard was used.  Many of the instruments were 4 piece tops and marked seconds.  Late in 1968 the bridge was reversed with the belly facing down , and the Gibson logo on the pickguard was removed.


March 25, 2019 >>>>>>>>>>

Gibson Transition year of 1964

Around the middle of  1964  major changes occurred. The info below is very useful for dating a Gibson guitar in cases where serial numbers were repeated or unclear.

1. Neck width at the Nut was reduced from 1 11/16 inches to 1 9/16 inches (you will see cases of 1 10/16 inches during this transition year.

2. Most Hardware moved from Nickel plated to Chrome, this included bridges, tuners and tailpieces.

3. Most serial numbers moved from 5 digits to 6 digits.

4.  Kluson Tuners were stamped with 2 lines down the back instead of one line down the center of the back with the words Kluson Deluxe.

5. By 1965 the Stud Tailpiece on the Gibson Es-335, Es-345 and ES-355 were removed and replaced with a Trapeze tailpiece.