Vintage Guitars We Buy

We are looking for Electrics – Acoustics – Basses – Archtops from the following makers

Gibson ∙ Fender ∙ Martin ∙ Gretsch ∙ Rickenbacker ∙ Epiphone ∙ Mosrite ∙ National ∙ D’Angelico ∙ Stromberg ∙ Hofner  ∙ Guild ∙ Mossman

 We Buy Collections!

Below is only a partial list of vintage guitar models we buy. If your model is not shown, we still may be interested if it’s one of the makers listed above.

Sorry, but we do not deal in, nor have knowledge of: Asian made Guitars, Harmony, Silvertone, Kay, Yamaha,  Ibanez, Peavey, Japanese Guitars, No name guitars, or other makers not listed on this page.

Vintage Gibson Electric Guitars

1958, 1959, & 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard
1952 – 1958  Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop
1960’s Gibson Les Paul TV Jr & Special
1960’s Gibson Firebird I, Firebird III, Firbird V, Firebird VII
1980’s Gibson Korina Explorer, Flying V
1958  Gibson Explorer, Flying V, Explorer Bass
1958 – 1968 GIBSON ES-335,  ES-355,  ES-345,  ES-175, ES-225, ES-330, Johnny Smith, ES-5
1950’s – 1968 Gibson Super 400, L-5, L-4, L-7
1960 – 1969 Gibson SG Standard
1950’s – 1974 Les Paul Custom
1960’s Gibson EB-2, EB-3 Bass
1960’s Gibson Thunderbird Bass
1960’s Gibson Barney Kessel and John Smith Models
Medallion Flying V

Vintage Gibson Acoustic Guitars

Gibson pre 1970  SJ,  J-185, J-35, J-160e, CF-100, CF-100E, J-45. J-50, J-200,  J-100, J-55
Gibson Pre 1970 LG-2, LG-3, B-25, Country Western, Soutern Jumbo, SJ-200, Super Jumbo 200
1960’s Gibson Hummingbird, Gibson Dove, Gibson Everly Brothers
1930’s Gibson L-0, L-00, L-1, L-2,  Roy Smeck, Nick Lucas
1968 Black Gibson J-45 (has a white pickguard)
1968 All Red Gibson J-45 (has a white pickguard)
1968 Black Gibson B-25 (has a white pickguard)
1968 All Red Gibson B-25 (has a white pickguard)

Vintage Fender Guitars

Fender Stratocasters pre 1975
Fender Telecasters pre 1975, Fender Thinline, Fender Paisley
Fender Telecaster Custom Black
Fender Telecaster Floral
Fender Telecaster Custom’s
1950’s, 60’s & early 70’s Fender Jazz Bass, Precision Bass, Bass V
50’s Black Guard Fender Telecasters
1960’s Fender Mustang, Jaguar, Jazzmaster
50’s and early 60’s Custom Color Fender Stratocaster
Stack Knob Jazz Basses early 60’s

 Vintage Martin Guitars

Martin Flattops Pre 1974 D-28, D-18, D-45, 000-28, D-21, 000-21, 00-21, 0-21, 000-28, 00-28,0-28, 000-18, 00-18, 0-18, N-20 , OM-45, Roy Rogers, Celtic Knot , Stephen Stills Models and more..

Vintage Gretsch Guitars

1950’s & 1960’s Gretsch Country Gentleman, 6119,6120, 6121, 6130 Roundups, DuoJet, White Falcon, etc…

Vintage Rickenbacker Guitars

1957-1970 Electric Rickenbacker’, Model 330, Model 335 Capri, Model 360, Model 360/12, Model 4001, Model 4005, Model 345 Capri, Model 375, Model 360 F, Model 331 Light Show

Vintage Epiphone Guitars

1960’s Epiphone Texan, Frontier, Cortez, Excellente
60’s Epiphone Casino, Sheraton, Riviera, Coronet,

Other Guitars

Mosrite Ventures Model from the early 60’s
1960’s Guild Thunderbird Basses
1960’s Guild Aristocrat & Duane Eddy Models
1960’s Guild F-30
Bigsby Guitars from the early 50’s
Mossman Great Plains and Flint Hills
Hofner Beatle Bass pre 1966

Special Request

Martin Guitars
1929  000-28
1936  D-28 shaded top
1942  D-45
1932  D-18


Fender Guitars
Sonic Blue 1963 Stratocaster
Black early 60’s Jazzmaster
1962 Jazz Bass
1962 Precision Bass


Gretsch Guitars
1959 Cadillac Green Duojet
1954 Roundup
1960 6120 Chet Atkins
1958 6122 Chet Atkins


Gibson Guitars
1930’s Nick Lucas Special
1968 J-45 Black with White Pickguard
1957 and 58 Gibson Les Paul Standard Goldtop